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QI Automotive was established on Jan. 6, 2004. At the beginning of the business, we set up product divisions including automobile brake, steering, drivetrain, electronics and engine systems. We focus on automobile aftermarket, providing customers with a full package of product solutions. We have rich experience especially in automotive remanufacturing industry and we have already developed into one of the most competitive auto parts supplier worldwide.

The company aims to be the industry leader in Chinese automotive aftermarket. Now we are increasing at a speed of over 20% every year, and our major overseas market includes the United States, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Australia, Russia…etc. we have 9 functional departments including international business division, domestic business division, engineering department, purchasing department, quality department, logistics department, finance department and human resources department.

We brought in ISO9001 quality management system in 2012, and now we have a professional supply chain management team, managing more than 400 suppliers (including HK and Taiwan). We have a warehouse of 5000 square meters and use ERP for process management. When we’re developing, we also actively fulfill the various social responsibilities. Over the years, we have been committed to take part in various charity activities home and abroad, including donation to victims of serious natural disasters and assistance to social vulnerable groups, etc.

Our advantage: talent management, operation management, supply chain management, marketing development.

Talent Management

Attract talents. We treasure the talents. We satisfy diversified talent needs, at their different developing periods. We provide wide development space.

Develop talents. Talent is a valuable resource for company development. We provide skill upgrade trainings to different positions every year, and we send those with high potential to top universities /international business schools for MBA courses and other professional trainings. We help our employees learn and grow together with the company.

Operation Management

Organization management. Flat organization structure and business unit structure, high-efficiency for the benefit of customers.

Production quality management. ISO quality management system. With strict internal quality control, we ensure that the product quality meet or exceed the international standard and far beyond our competitors. In this way, we create competitive advantages for our customers.

Off the shelf supply. 5000 square meters warehouse to ensure off the shelf supply of fast moving products. And high-efficiency logistics to help customers shorten lead time and take first move.

Supply Chain Management

Professional supply chain system. Insight into Chinese automobile industry, OEM and aftermarket tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 supply chains.

Rich experience in supplier audit and evaluation. 12 years of experience in supplier audit, managing about 400 suppliers (including automobile brake, steering, transmission, engine, electronics and other systems).

Strong cross-industry integration ability. To meet customers’ diversified demands, and to provide customers with a full range of auto parts solutions.

Clear product strategy. To provide the hard-to-find products based on the most advanced and sophisticated technology.

Abundant product categories. Stick to vertical integration and horizontal integration product series.

Strong technical barriers. We invest in large number of R&D funds for the development of new products. With strong reversal design ability and technical requirements well above other competitors, we have gradually built up strong technical barriers.

Marketing Ability

Global marketing ability. Our business increases over 20% every year, distributing in the United States, Canada, Britain, Belgium, Australia, Russia and other regions. We also have over 300 clients in the domestic market.

Professional customer service. Provide high quality service for our customers for more than ten years.

Market forecasting ability. Lead customer demands and create opportunities for customers to win market share.